New to Protea?
We can help!

Protea USA is experienced in growing, developing and managing protea properties.

We currently have 17 properties under management – from less than 1 acre to 15+ acres and 500 to 15,00 plants.

  • Protea USA can develop and manage protea nurseries and cut flower farms or design protea home gardens.
  • Management programs are tailored to owner needs – some properties are non-owner occupied and 100% managed, while others may only requires flower sales services.
  • Rates: Consulting ~ $85/hr; Management ~ based individual property needs

As southern California’s Protea Nursery Experts, Protea USA offers our partners start-up consulting services or a complete, hands-on farm management program. Whichever option works for you, we have the knowledge, skills and relationships in place to help you maximize production and realize your return on investment.

Farm Management
In our full-service farm management program, we will provide the cuttings, nurse and protect them, and work the complete crop – including cultivation, maintenance, picking, pruning and everything needed to harvest them and sell them for you. This level of involvement helps ensure viable, flower-producing plants, and a healthy crop that will generate income in the 3rd year.

Distribution Channel
Protea USA has working relationships with local, well-respected broker/wholesalers and large bouquet makers who create the arrangements sold in Costco, Albertsons, Vons, Whole Foods and Stater Brothers. These brokers and bouquet-makers have their own cold storage and packing facilities with established clients in the retail and wholesale trade. Through this infrastructure, Protea USA sells product directly. Combining our volume with our partner farms allows us to negotiate better prices. As our collective output increases, so too will Protea USA’s influence in the marketplace.

Partnership Terms
Our turn-key farm management program allows you to realize a return on your investment without getting your hands dirty! The initial investment is estimated at 18,000 – $22,000 per acre in the first year, with annual maintenance fees assessed monthly in subsequent years.

Let Protea USA show you how you to turn a profit raising the world’s most unique flowers. We look forward to visiting you and hope you will join our Protea family.


Dennis Perry
Cell Number: 805-630-0975
Ventura Office: 805-351-5092

Rua Petty
Cell Number: 760-594-2576
Fallbrook Corporate Office: 760-731-6584