Protea Brenda

Looking to diversify?
Consider Protea!


In a world where stock market and real estate investments come under incredible scrutiny, Protea USA offers an exceptional alternative for the prudent investor.

Perfect Opportunity

Severe drought, high water costs (more than $1200/acre foot) and increased competition from Mexico have left many of California’s once abundant avocado groves desolate and idle. These unfortunate circumstances present the perfect opportunity for Protea flowers, and we are actively seeking partner growers and area suppliers!
Protea are:

  • One of the highest producing “dollar-value-per-acre” crops, requiring 1/6th of the water needed for avocados
  • Ideal for small farms of 10 acres or less; typically 1,400 plants per acre (3ft/6ft, 4/6 or 5/6 plant spacing)
  • A cost-effective investment; average start-up costs including clearing, digging, irrigating, inventory and planting = $14, 000 – $16,000 per 1,000 plants planted
  • Consistent producers; some Protea start production in year 2 with most in year 3 and full production in year 4-5.  After the 5th year, Protea production continues to increase for an average of 15 to 18 years
  • Well-adapted to San Diego’s Mediterranean-like climate
  • In low supply and high demand!

Perfect Timing

The market for Protea is well established – not only does Protea USA currently sell all we grow, but we need even MORE product! California-grown flowers are currently being shipped across the country and around the globe to Japan and Europe.

Growth Potential

The potential for Protea in the US is yet untapped. Our nursery can provide the best suited varieties to plant and help you get started, as well as provide a ready buyer once your mature plants produce flowers.

NOW is the time to convert unused, disease-free avocado or citrus groves to Protea flowers. Together, we can achieve consistent production levels to become one of the largest Protea growers and suppliers in the United States.


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